About Us

Founders & Owners of Bakas Apparel
On the photo (featuring the limited edition Bakás Apparel Fan Hoodie): John Stephen Cornwill (left) & Camille Velarde (right), Founders & Co-owners of Bakás Apparel 

Based in Tacloban City, Philippines, Bakás Apparel aims to expose the commonly unseen, unobservable, and stigmatized feelings and mental health challenges of many through creative clothing. 
We are inspired to raise awareness on mental health which is a serious issue nowadays. Our minimalist theme was set to represent purity and validation of feelings and to attract today's young generation.
In less than a year since our launching last January 16, 2021, we have opened our first physical retail store in Downtown, Tacloban City.
We have been consistent with our commitment to break the mental health stigma through conducting live talks about mental health issues with mental health professionals. Watch here >>
We also created a community support group that aims to raise mental health awareness, promote healthy recovery or sustain mental wellness, and break the prevailing stigma by initiating mental health talks, teaching coping strategies, and learning from each other’s mental health journey.
Bakás is a Tagalog word which means mark or trace. If you are afraid to be transparent or having a hard time to open up or feeling imprisoned in your own mind and body, Bakás is here for you!
Join us as we break the stigma! Talk about your mental health.